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The Epiphany's miracles

On the 7th Janaury, 1968, the match Bologna vs Atalanta had scheduled at the Local Town Hall stadium in Bologna.The stadium was immersed in a winter landscape where twelve thousand people including I, crowded the stands whitened by a snow, starting to fall 2-3 hrs before the match. However, the field was in fair conditions. The two teams had the same points in the table while the Atalanta had the regular team, the Bologna had a reserve one. Indeed, The Red-black team ran short of the best four players: Haller, Clerici, Bulgarelli and Ardizzon. The Bologna didn't miss their absence, probably due to the snow, so it was really lucky! In fact, the players played in attack very well, they passed as they never did a long ago; each of them played the best. Zaccaria Cometti, the Atalanta's “ Dea” goalkeeper from Alzano Lombardo in Bergamo, who was celebrating his thirty-first birthday very bitterly, bore the brunt of it as he took 5 shots. The game played by the two teams was really great and fab taking into consideration the field and the weather conditions both in the first and second time. The second time was even characterized by more active actions thanks to the snow which was falling very slowly. Moreover, the game was really well played and the young referee Enzo Barbaresco, the second match in Division was able to handle it quietly.

A short summary of the match

In the first time , the Bologna was just a bit worried and they tackled in a ground full of snow and they couldn't manage the game very well, At 8' Pace did foul on Pascutti who however kicked over the crossbar. At 10' Bertuolo knocked down Pace at 25 metres. Penalty, of course! Tentorio ran up and kicked a torpedo which embeeded itself in the junction of the two left goalposts of Cometti. A wonderful goal, unsuccessful attempt to save. The balance was broken and the Bologna attacked more often. At 25', just a bit reaction of the Red-black players with a double action “ a duo” Cella-Nodari who crossed Rigotti arrived but he failed the goal twice. The Atalanta tried to manage the play but it was always on the Bologna's pocket.The Red-blue counters, focused on a fast and furious Bruno Pace, were always dangerous, indeed. At 32' Pace's action was hardly deflected on the corner from the guest Atalanta goalkeeper. At 34' Pace crossed from right/-right onto Fogli, while he was slipping he scored on the break very quickly in the left corner of Cometti (3-0). The Atalanta tried in vain reaction with two shots: Bertuolo outside the edge at 27' and Rigotto a high kick at 39'. Moreover, at 44' a new win Red-blue action: Perani sprinted by Tentorio's float and Marino Perani passed the ball to Turra who passed it to Pascutti again, a triangle between two and Turra passed a soft ball onto the left foot of Pascutti Ezio. A volley and the score was 4-0.

At the second time, the Bologna managed the play with some actions less fast but more accurate in their patterns and the audience burst with a storm of applause. At 77' there was the great fifth Red-blue goal where Turra passed to Pace on the left who moved, went away the box and crossed very well and Pascutti in the middle of the box, controlled the ball and scored. What we can say, Epiphany “ Befana” had given a great and wonderful gift to the Red-blue fans: the Bologna was saved almost for a match.

Written by Lamberto Bertozzi - Translated by Sabrina Montebugnoli


The match score-sheet
Bologna vs Atalanta 5-0
Goals: Tentorio 11', Perani 18', Fogli 33', Pascutti 57', Pascutti 77'
Bologna: Vavassori, Roversi, Furlanis,Guarnieri, Janich, Tentorio, Perani, Turra, Pace, Fogli, Pascutti – Coach Viani
Atalanta: Cometti, Poppi, Nodari, Tiberi, Cella, Bertuolo, Novellini, Salvori, Savoldi I, Dell' Angelo, Rigotto – Coach Tabanelli
Referee: Barbaresco Enzo from Cormons

Legend photo:

- Bologna 1967 -1969 : Up from the left to the right: Vavassori, Furlanis, Turra, Ardizzon, Guarneri, Tentorio. Down from the left to the right: Perani, Pace, Clerici, Haller, Pascutti.

- The first goal scored by Pascutti.

- Zaccaria Cometti defeated for the second time by Pascutti.

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