Amarcord: Udinese vs Bologna some years ago - 2nd December

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An overwhelming Bologna defeated a rehandled Udinese

13 January, 1957, Bologna moved to Udine to tackle the Black-white “zebrette friulane” who leaded of two points the Red-blue in the table. While the Bologna' s coach Campatelli could chose which formation to field, the opponing Bigogno complained about the absence of more than three regular players: Azimonti, Magli, and Lindskog.
Short summary of the match
At the first time the match was really boring without any expectations. Both of the teams were trying to manage it without obligation and were wasting the frequent goal occasions. At 6' a good Black-white action with Menegotti's shot saved by Giorcelli. At 13' during a scrimmage under the Black-white goal , Cervellati tried to score but he was blocked by De Giovanni. Following this fight the situation was just a bit confused: high ball and Udinese defender received a strain and he was played on the wing because he was useless! Afterwards, the play was so boring! At 32' Ballacci fouled Secchi. Menegotti took penalty and shot. Giorgelli slided and the ball went away and just brushed the goalpoast. Less and unsuccessful Red-blue actions made especially with a ball pass from Pivatelli to Cervellati.
The second time the play was really different from the first one! In fact, the Red-blue leaded the play stressing the real shortage of the opponents who weren't strong enough to react. At 47' Udinese, sensationally, took the lead. Fontanesi scored a shot despite the desperate attempt of Rota defender and Giorgelli goalkeeper. It was a sensational goal which gave Bologna a shake and the guest team was moving up. So, Bologna started to attack very often. At 52' Cervellati Valeri knocked Cervellati down in the whole box but the referee, the Milanese Righi, didn't recognize the grounds for a penalty. After some minutes Sassi saved by a dangerous attack of the same forward. Then, for twice the injured De Giovanni had the ball “ to punish” but his legs didn't have enough strength and Giorgelli didn't have any difficulty to save. At 69' Randon passed to Pascutti, despite the Valenti defender's difficulties to manage, scored the first goal for the Red-blue. Afterwards, Romano saved the Randon's shot and forwarded it to the corner. Finally, at 72' Bologna took the lead! A strong Randon' s shot kicked from 25 metres was made a diving safe by the Black-white Romano goalkeeper. Following to this return, the ball fell on Pivatelli's feet who scored it very easily,
Udinese tried to attack with Secchi's and Menegotti's actions – at 76' and 77'- without an unsuccessful result. At 80' Cervellati went to the other opponing Udinese half field and Valenti and Piquè heeled him. Valenti and Piquè were the only defenders present in the defending half field. Pascutti was free and received the ball from Cervellati Cesarino by a strong shot left volley and scored Romano.
Before the end of the match Cervellati scored. Then, at 82' and 86' he scored twice as the opponing defenders were without any expectations!
Thanks to this win Bologna and Udinese had the same points in the table!

Written by Lamberto Bertozzi - Translated by Sabrina Montebugnoli

The match score-sheet
Udinese vs Bologna 1-5
Goals: Fontanesi 47', Pascutti 69', Pivatelli 72', Pascutti 80', Cervellati 82', Cervellati 86'.
Udinese: Romano, Baccari, Valenti, Piquè, De Giovanni, Sassim Frignani, Menegotti, Secchi, Pantaleoni, Fontanesi. - Coach Bigogno
Bologna: Giorcelli, Rota, Pavinato, Bonifaci, Ballacci, Pilmark, Cervellati, Gasperi, Pivatelli, Randon, Pascutti. - Coach Campatelli
Referee: Righi Raoul from Milano

Legend photos:
Opening: A Bologna team 1956-1857 Up from the left to the right:Greco, Pavinato,Giorgelli, Capra, Pozzan, Pivatelli.
Down from the left to the right: Pilmark, Bonifaci, Randon. Cervellati, Pascutti
On the side: Cesarino Cervellati author of the two goals.

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