Amarcord: Bologna vs Roma some years ago – 7 April

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The young Bruno Maini torpedoes Roma

June 29,1930,  the Bologna hosted the Roma at the Littorale's stadium during the first Division Championship.The two teams were outdistanced just one point of the table and the Capitoline team led the Bolognese one.The Hermann Felsner's guys, the outgoing Italian Champions, stood  the chance, in case of winning, of outdoing the Yellow-red players coached by Herbert Burgess.

In that match, Felsner couldn't help using five regular players: Della Valle, Muzzioli, Baldi, Genovesi and Busini I. Yet, the Austrian coach had the heart to replace them with Cogolli, Maini, Ottani, Donati and Perin.


Short summary of the match

The referee Felice Rovida from Milan whistled the start of the play and the two teams started to analize the weakness point of the opponents. At 13', we could see two consecutive corners against the Roma; the second of those Busini III was able to send the ball to the net guarded by Ballante.  The Yellow-red defender Degni caught the ball who, instead of being free the box, kicked it awkwardly and scored an own goal. So, the Bologna led by the more classical own goal. Immediately, the Roma carried out a counteroffensive and just 3' ended in a draw.

Thanks to a clear Chini's pass, Bernardini was in the mid Red-blue's box. “Fuffo”, nickname of Bernardini, kicked running and scored the Red-blue's net. At that point, the “Maini day” began.

In fact, at 20', Bruno Maini brushed the Capitoline's crossbar by a strong header. The goalkeeper Ballante was no-stop heeled by all positions and Maini himself kicked a  diagonal pass and scored for the second time at 23'. After 4 minutes, the Red-blue half Pitto stroked the goalpost due to his own action. After those actions, the play difference between the two teams seemed to be really clear. In fact, the Bologna seemed to be superior both the physical power and the strenght play.

At 32', the host scored the third goal. It was Busini III himself, by a shot from 20 metres, that defeated the goalkeeper Ballanti who leapt into space. The Bologna didn't give up and went on attacking and by an umpteenth corner against the Bologna, the Yellow-red took one's cue from a quick counter-attack. It was still the wing Chini to cross Volk who, in the midbox, was ready to touch header and send the ball at the blameless Gianni's shoulders. Despite that result, the Bologna led the Roma for 3-2 at 39'.

The goal scored by the Roma had thrilled the Red-blue players instead of undermining the moral of them. At 42', Ballante cleared feedly a strong shot scored by Ottani and Maini seized the ball and scored the fourth net for the host. 

In the second time, the match didn't change any play features. In fact, the Bologna attacked while the Roma was obliged to defend itself.

Among the most important moments of the second time, we could see a boxing attempt happened between Bernardini and Donati.

At 86', Maini enjoyed himself to dribble the Capitoline defenders in order to score the fifth Red-blue goal at last.

At the end of the match, the Capitoline coach Burgess,interviewed by the period sports' newspapers, complained about the totally unfitness of some of his players.


Written by Lamberto Bertozzi  - Translated by Sabrina Montebugnoli


The match score-sheet

Bologna vs Roma 5-2

Goals: Degni (own goal) 13'. Bernardini 16', Maini 22', Busini III 32', Volk 39'. Maini 42', Maini 86'

Bologna: Gianni, Monzeglio, Gasperi, Donati, Pitto, Martelli II, Cogolli, Perin, Maini, Busini III, Ottani – Coach Felsner

Roma: Ballante, Mattei, De Marchi, Degni, Ferraris IV, Bossi, Benatti, Fasanelli, Volk, Bernardini, Chini – Coach Burgess

Referee: Felice Rovida from Milan


Legend photos

Opening: The Bologna team 1929-1930  Up from the left to the right: Busini III, Genovesi, Muzzioli, Schiavio, Maini, Pitto, Gianni, Gasperi - Down from the left to the right: Pilati IV, Monzeglio, Martelli II


Closing: Bruno Maini author of three goals.

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