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Written by: Massimo Sampaolesi. Translated by: Carlotta Belluzzi


By looking up the word “deviation” on the dictionary, this definition will be found: “the amount by which a single measurement differs from a fixed value such as the mean”. The football season that Bologna has been playing so far is oscillating between the values of +1 and -1: these are the values that represent the difference in number of goals between BFC and their opponents. Except for the matches against Napoli, Torino and Inter, the other victories and defeats of Bologna were marked by one single goal, either scored or conceded. We could look at these statistics optimistically: Bologna never really swerved off the beaten track, it never found itself suffering too much from the marked superiority of another team. To be fair, this could also be said about the victories, i.e. that we never really proved ourselves to be miles ahead of our opponents. Yet, there has been a marked improvement from last season, and therefore these numbers have to be looked at with optimism, as they signal growth and progress.


We are not competing in Serie A by chance, and BFC has a duty to do its best and achieve what Bologna and its illustrious history deserve. Let us then see this statistics under a positive light, and realise that progress has been made. All it takes now, is to acquire more stability, and make the uncertainty become certainty, and not only on the pitch, but on a “political” level. We need to be recognised for who we are: Bologna Football Club 1909, and it seems that some people have already acknowledged it.


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