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Written by: Massimo Sampaolesi. Translated by: Carlotta Belluzzi.

Chess players know that individual moves do not exist; each moving piece is part of a strategy where all “teammates” are important, and the consequences of their actions have repercussions on the whole “squad”. The strategy can be planned, or the result of an unexpected situation – either way, it has to be thought out.


The game of football, especially as far as its political side goes, moves in a similar way, and the current situation of the National team emphasises the urgency of finding a new and appropriate strategy. And what if this strategy came from Bologna? At this time, where everyone is yelling out names of potential substitutes for Tavecchio, why shouldn’t we yell something as well? How about Claudio Fenucci, our Administrator, a key element, who could liaise between the Football Federation and Bologna itself. Having one of our own up there could help BFC in its steady growth. Fenucci  is an ambitious man, and his administrative skills, put to the test for over 20 years, have helped Semerano’s Lecce and Pallotta’s Roma make huge steps forward. Semerano himself, back then, defined Fenucci as “a true virtuoso of accounting”; and this is already a great starting point for a potential candidate. While managing BFC, he also first put underway the search for a certain balance between clubs (the big, middle, and small ones), regarding takings from TV contracts and copyrights. His success in this task would be beneficial not only for Bologna, but also for many other teams, as it would help reduce the gaping gap between the big, big teams, and the very small ones. Beyond its economic and financial implications, its unfolding would be interesting also as far as matters of balance and fairness are concerned.


This “Bishop sacrifice” would obviously bring about a necessary change within Bologna’s management; and yet, it could also become an opportunity for Saputo, who could take the decision of putting one of his own men to take care of BFC. Fenucci obviously has Saputo’s full trust, and viceversa (and this mutual relationship could work in our favour, were Fenucci to obtain a place on the National management team), but Fenucci was already at BFC, brought there by Tacopina from Rome, when Saputo arrived. That is to say, he was not chosen by Saputo himself, and their relationship is a recent one, despite being very solid. Finally, having Fenucci as a candidate at FIGC would also mean more media exposure for Bologna.


And yet, Fenucci did renew his contract at Bologna just a month ago…That is true, and contracts do matter, a lot. In spite of this, it has happened before throughout BFC’s recent history that contracts have been disrespected, torn apart, and belittled, and so it would not be the end of the world if this particular contract were to be broken through a friendly agreement between both parties.



To conclude: this is obviously just a suggestion, and yet it could be a starting point for a useful discussion, which could be beneficial for everyone involved, including us fans.  

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